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Are you affected by some type of disability, do you feel that your Government and councils do not listen to your concerns.

What about parking do you avoid busy places because you can not get a car park? Should the disabled be forced to use parking ticket machines that are not accessible?

Do uneven surfaces and broken footpaths make moving about difficult.

We want our Government and councils to listen. This website has links to contact your council DAG or use our Facebook page to make your concerns public.

Disability Advisory NZ is a more open group than local councils run. Disability Advisory Group NZ on Web and Facebook

DAG Membership eligibility

Council eligibility as below

Council eligibility

Membership eligibility, required by some Councils eligibility may differ. This is a guide only

Members should:

Be people with a disability, or have family members with a disability, or are an advocate/self-advocate, or people working in the disability community.

Have knowledge and experience of working with, and advocating on, disability issues.

Have the ability to consult effectively with the sector and the disability community, and have strong personal networks in the sector.

Have skills and knowledge which will contribute to the aims of the group.

Have the ability to understand and represent interests broader than those of a specific disability group or organisation.

Have proven ability to work cooperatively and positively in a group environment.

DAG vacancies will be advertised through key networks and organisations in the disability community.

Applications should be sent to the Community Advisor. Applications will consist of a covering letter, C.V. (curriculum vitae), and a letter of support from within the disability sector.

Interested persons can apply as an individual, or an organisation can put forward a person they support to be on the DAG.

Personal skills required to contribute to the Disability Advisory Group.

Well-developed communication skills and the ability to work effectively with others.

Good time management skills and a commitment to attend the majority of the scheduled DAG meetings.

Supportive of other DAG members and a willingness to undertake tasks as required, and work cooperatively within a group setting.

Sound problem-solving skills and the ability to represent interests broader than those of a specific disability group or organisation.

Tenure of membership varies please inquire with your local council. Completion of tenure should be on a rotational basis in order to maintain continuity and consolidation of the knowledge base.


The Disability Advisory Group is accountable to the Council through ongoing liaison with the Community Support Team Manager, and more directly through the DAG facilitator, who is the Community Support Advisor for the Disability and Older Person's portfolios.

Communication between members and the disability community is through the member's contacts with the sector. It is expected that members will consult with, and provide feedback to and from the disability sector, on relevant issues as required.

A DAG member must inform the Council if any conflict of interest situation arises while they are on the DAG, or if any circumstance arises that could be a risk for the Council, or that could bring the DAG member, or the Council, into disrepute.

The Disability Advisory Group has a section on the Council's website which explains its purpose.

Meeting agendas and meeting notes should be emailed to members for their records.

Support requirements
Assistance to enable participation, such as a sign language interpreter, or other support that a person needs to participate in the DAG, will be provided at meetings if required. Also, members may bring a support person to meetings as needed. Should any further support be required, members need to discuss their individual support requirements with the Community Development Advisor.

Place and frequently of DAG meetings
DAG meetings are usually held monthly by New Zealand Councils or at a time and place agreed as suitable by the majority of the group's members.

Meetings are generally two hours in length; at times DAG meetings are subject to change based on the Council's work requirements of the Community Support Advisor. Some DAG meetings will be held in the Wards and include Ward community advisors and Community Board members.

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