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Are you affected by some type of disability, do you feel that your Government and councils do not listen to your concerns.

What about parking do you avoid busy places because you can not get a car park? Should the disabled be forced to use parking ticket machines that are not accessible?

Do uneven surfaces and broken footpaths make moving about difficult.

We want our Government and councils to listen. This website has links to contact your council DAG or use our Facebook page to make your concerns public.

Disability Advisory NZ is a more open group than local councils run. Disability Advisory Group NZ on Web and Facebook

Disability Advisory Group Online Members Bio

Do uneven surfaces and broken footpaths make moving about difficult.

What about parking do you avoid busy places because you can not get a car park?

Let's form an online Disability Advisory Group. 

We the disabled community in New Zealand face a range of difficulties not faced by the average person or their families. New Zealand Councils have established disability advisory groups.

These groups are formed to advise Councils on the concerns they may have, no doubt the idea here is to advise council what could be done better to ensure disabled people are included

I am one of the disabled people, I believe the disabled have a lot to contribute to the council planning. It is really difficult for the average normal person with a disability to get heard, Council DAG seats are limited

I am building this website and accompanying social media platform. Facebook will be our main platform. Here is our facebook link https://www.facebook.com/disabilityadvisorygroup

I need people to join me and speak about how your council can help. There are links on this site which will make it easier for you to connect with the correct people at your local council


The purpose of the Online DAG is to provide a forum for people with disabilities to participate online in the planning of Council services, projects, and activities in order to ensure that the needs of the wider disability community are taken into account.


Advise and work with the Councils on the implementation of People with Disabilities Policy, and all other related policy relevant to people with disabilities.

Lets lobby for policy change as I intend to do.

Advise on the most useful ways of communicating and consulting with the wider disabled community. Online preferred

Provide feedback and advice on planning, reviewing, or the implementation of Council activities (projects and services) that relate to the broad spectrum of disability issues.

Help to determine the ongoing role and functioning of the online disability advisory group. Checks should be made to ensure councils are acting on advice they receive

Provide experience and inclusive practice advice, to the Councils. It is acknowledged that the group will not be experts on all disability matters and will not provide professional technical advice.

It also needs to be acknowledged that the group representing councils will not be experts on all disability matters and will not have the benefit of the collective knowledge of those disabled people providing advice.

But it would be expected that those representing councils listen and act if possible on the advice of the DAG members.

Support the Council's community governance structure by providing advice about inclusive, resilient, and responsive communities for people with disabilities, and their families. The DAG supports the Council's commitment to consult and network with citizens and to involve the community in the decision-making.

Most Councils around New Zealand will have Disability Advisory Groups.

The Councils are committed to partnerships with most District Health Board's.

The Councils employ inclusive communities coordinators to help address barriers to recreation/leisure participation for people with disabilities and to coordinate with disabled people. The Council's Inclusive Communities Coordinators provide staff support and advice to the DAG in relation to recreation and leisure participation.

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