Disability Advisory Group New Zealand

Disability Advisory Group NZ

Are you affected by some type of disability, do you feel that your Government and councils do not listen to your concerns.

What about parking do you avoid busy places because you can not get a car park? Should the disabled be forced to use parking ticket machines that are not accessible?

Do uneven surfaces and broken footpaths make moving about difficult.

We want our Government and councils to listen. This website has links to contact your council DAG or use our Facebook page to make your concerns public.

Disability Advisory NZ is a more open group than local councils run. Disability Advisory Group NZ on Web and Facebook

I have formed an online Disability Advisory Group on Facebook 

Just click on the heading above to visit our facebook page. We the disabled community in New Zealand face a range of difficulties not faced by the average person or their families.

Our Facebook Role

Our role will be to enhance and improve communication with Local Councils and Government, the current council run Dags seem to be poorly run.

From the feedback I am receiving Council Dags across the country are not up to standard DAG groups are not a high priority for councils.

I would say to councils we now have a voice with our online disability advisory group, so when we speak we are speaking to council in an open format anybody can hear and comment on, no more closed doors.

Our role as an online disability advisory group with reach into all areas of New Zealand and beyond will be to write about and share the disabled persons perspective of what is needed.

Facebook is an efficient method of doing that backed by this website and a full platform of social media youtube included so we can reach out to young people as well as older ones, in fact anybody that can get online

Advise councils and Government and work with them on Disabilities Policy, and all other related policy relevant to people with disabilities

Lets lobby for policy change as I intend to do, it is 2018 some rules applying to disabled accessibility were written in 1992, I will be pushing for these to be updated

Advise on the most useful ways of communicating and consulting with the wider disabled community. Online preferred because more people can become involved.

Our Councils in New Zealand have established disability advisory groups, lets make our Facebook disability advisory group bigger and better than any council run DAG

Facebook can be used to advise councils on the concerns you may have, The idea here is to advise council what could be done better to ensure disabled people are included

The Council Disability Advisory Groups are only as good as the people sitting on them, and councils have way to much power

I have experienced sitting with my Whangarei Disability Advisory Group monthly for the last 4 months, the disabled members seem to become frustrated with the Council staff not listening or changing the subject.

I am one of the disabled people, I believe the disabled have a lot to contribute to the council planning. It is really difficult for the average normal person with a disability to get heard, but no anymore because we can do it online and on Facebook.

I am building this website and social media. I need people to join me and speak about how your council can help. Use the links on this site which will make it easier for you to connect with the correct people at your local council

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