Disability Advisory Group New Zealand

Disability Advisory Group NZ

Are you affected by some type of disability, do you feel that your Government and councils do not listen to your concerns.

What about parking do you avoid busy places because you can not get a car park? Should the disabled be forced to use parking ticket machines that are not accessible?

Do uneven surfaces and broken footpaths make moving about difficult.

We want our Government and councils to listen. This website has links to contact your council DAG or use our Facebook page to make your concerns public.

Disability Advisory NZ is a more open group than local councils run. Disability Advisory Group NZ on Web and Facebook

Disability Advisory Group Feedback

Disability Advisory Group New Zealand

Disability Advisory Group New Zealand. Positive is the way forward. I have started Disability Advisory Group New Zealand.

My new online DAG New Zealand will bring these negatives to the attention of Local Councils and Government in the hope of changing them to something positive to benefit all people both the disabled and non disabled.


1# I would love to join your group  / Kerry

2# You doing such amazing work for people with disabilities 😀 Knee Knee

3# I am Eileen. I am not wheelchair bound but have to rely on a walker to get around. One of my complaints is :- no seats in any stores for elderly folk to stop and rest a while I have posted this to many supermarkets and stores but to no avail. Whilst I CAN sit on my walker I have a friend (now housebound) who always did her shopping in two parts. She went through the checkout and back to her car for a rest then back into the store for the rest of her shopping . That entailed two trips through the checkout.. Often disabled car parks are the far end of the pavement which entails a long walk back to the centre of the shopping area . Please put them in the middle of the shops which would at least cut down the distance one has to walk (or stagger) I often find it difficult to get my walker up over the curb as well. perhaps the curbs could be sloped ?

4# Well done, I keep raising at Council Community Plan meetings the need for regular seats on the new walking tracks for the less abled people in Mangawhai. Haven’t seen any yet.

5# Total Mobility scheme do you miss out. This is the issue with the total mobility scheme. They cater only for wheelchair users, people like myself that use mobility scooters are totally forgotten about, so many places I would love to be able to go, and this will effect mobility scooter users all over New Zealand.

6# I'm incensed at the struggle those who are disabled or challenged have to endure ....and 'there but for the grace of God we all go' Mary

7# A photo tells a thousand words, a photo attached with a complaint or concern sent to council should get a response. Email + photos is the only way to communicate because talk does not work, emails can be tracked as can responses.

8# Disabled people come across barriers that a non disabled person would normally walk around without noticing, so when the disabled complain, able bodied people may think the disabled person is being negative because they are complaining.

9# I have caused change for the good in Whangarei and will continue to do so as CEO and Chairperson of Disability Advisory Group New Zealand. I will set out to assist others to get their concerns into writing and dealt with.

Current issue for WDC attention 22 -04 2018

This is the footpath at 4 Kamo Rd probably caused by cars parking half on the no parking lines & half on the footpath. Have never seen this policed. The good piece of path is blocked by an overgrown privet bush. Saw your posting on Neighbourly and thought I'd bring it to your attention.

4 Kamo Road

WDC needs to put a rail alongside the footpath on Dundas Road. There is a stream that runs parallel to the footpath and there's a sharp drop down to it. There are pensioners who reside on the road and walking the footpath is not the best. I walk on the road as I feel safer doing so.

I live with pain 24/7 as a result of raised footpath by tree roots in Ruakaka tripping me resulting in fractures forever painful. The worst part is they say when I report the MANY dangerous footpaths in Ruakaka is " the trees should never have been planted there, they need to be removed "however for 6 years now council tells me "there isn't enough money to do that" but they continue to take on grandiose projects for their own egos, and ignore ratepayers needs, can we ask government to intervene.

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