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Are you affected by some type of disability, do you feel that your Government and councils do not listen to your concerns.

What about parking do you avoid busy places because you can not get a car park? Should the disabled be forced to use parking ticket machines that are not accessible?

Do uneven surfaces and broken footpaths make moving about difficult.

We want our Government and councils to listen. This website has links to contact your council DAG or use our Facebook page to make your concerns public.

Disability Advisory NZ is a more open group than local councils run. Disability Advisory Group NZ on Web and Facebook

WDC Complaint Procedure

Whangarei District council has advised disabled people that have a complaint or concern to take photos and write to WDC explaining the issue. I did exactly that, and this is how they WDC and in particular the now retired community service advisor handled my complaint.

Look at the slide shows I am providing below these are interactive hold you mouse to the circled arrows and simply slide the picture to view before and after photos.

I wrote to the WDC council a complaint about a local promoter completely blocking the footpath. I was on a mission to take photos of the good things in Whangarei I was armed with a professional camera kit just going about my business when suddenly I could go no further, I was riding a mobility scooter because my ability to walk with great pain is very limited, while on the footpath I have found my route completely blocked, see below

Pathway after Whangarei markets
Disability Advisory Group Online CEO
Disability Advisory Group Online CEO
Main footpath into the WDC Town Bisin blocked by a stall holder
Canopy Bridge footpath blocked

I approached the stall holder and advised him that he was blocking the footpath, I was on my mobility scooter my mobility scooter will not climb curbs, The stallholder was a large man he leant over me and told me he can do what he f-ing likes to do, I said no you can not, he told me the promoter said he could and pointed to the promoter who was sitting approx 6 metres away in full open view. I said I would speak to the promoter, the promoter claimed she had not noticed, I asked for her email, she became defensive and asked why do I need her email, I got her email took some photos and moved on.

I sent the photos to the WDC community service advisor along with a letter of complaint, this was by email so the header information is available to back my claims, I cc-ed in the promoter so she would also be aware of my complaint.

Several emails followed, the promoter replied to my complaint by blaming others and saying they were really upset I had complained.

WDC took no action. Look at the photos below, this is really very blatant in an area that has received a number of complaints before with unknown promoters blocking this path.

I have to ask how many warnings do we give them before acting, it it 1 or is it 10. Please use the slider below, question who is at fault here the promoter or the disabled person that has complained with attached photos?

The white pole in the photo clearly shows the position of the stallholder table that blocked the footpath, there is also a color change in the curbing that shows the table is in full view of the promoter, The promoter told the WDC that their view was blocked by a illegally parked car, the photos clearly show this is not the case, most photos were taken while I was beside the promoters table their view was not blocked at all.

I made the complaint in January 2018 the council did not act in good faith at all. after I had written my complaint to WDC the promoter replied to me while cc-ing WDC in on the conversation.

Contact between the promoter and the council and myself, was by email the promoter emailed me to say they were really upset I had complained.

I attended the WDC DAG meeting in February 2018, I asked the council why they had not acted on my complaint,.

The WDC community service advisor replied by saying I had upset the promoter and asked the dag members present if they would like her to read out the email that was addressed to me, she really got no reply, but hey WDC does not listen to the DAG members anyway. So the WDC community service advisor read out this email but only the response of the promoter, no mention was made of my complaint.

The letter from the promoter started with "I am really upset" they went on to say their view was blocked by a parked car, and they had not noticed the blocked footpath the rest can remain confidential.

The WDC community service advisors decision to read only the promoters version of events was a direct attack on me designed to turn the sitting DAG members against me, it was a private email my name was read to the attending DAG members this could be classed as defamatory, I am yet to decide if I take legal action in this case. On this website I talk about others, but I do not name them only their positions in the scheme of things.

So I ask both the public and WDC who is at fault here is it the promoter for blocking the footpath or is it my fault for complaining? a photo tells a thousand words my photo package here is high quality. I think the blame lies with the promoter, but WDC is heavily on the side of the promoter.

I ask this what if a person using a walker came along and had to go down the curb because the path was blocked, what if the person fell and got hurt, footpaths are for people not promoters.

Do you think maybe the family of the person that fell and was injured, would they be upset. Should I be upset because I could not use the footpath, or do we feel sorry for the promoter that blatantly allowed a stallholder to block the footpath, because they are upset at being caught out.

WDC sided with the promoter and their emotional response was to protect the promoter and little throught was given to the disabled person namely me or what effect it had on me.

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