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Disability Advisory Group NZ

Are you affected by some type of disability, do you feel that your Government and councils do not listen to your concerns.

What about parking do you avoid busy places because you can not get a car park? Should the disabled be forced to use parking ticket machines that are not accessible?

Do uneven surfaces and broken footpaths make moving about difficult.

We want our Government and councils to listen. This website has links to contact your council DAG or use our Facebook page to make your concerns public.

Disability Advisory NZ is a more open group than local councils run. Disability Advisory Group NZ on Web and Facebook

Disability Advisory Group New Zealand

Disability Advisory Group New Zealand  - DAG - is a valuable forum for councils to communicate with the disability sector. The DAG New Zealand is made up of members who have lived experience of disability or disability related experience.

Below are the details of my local Whangarei District Council DAG, we intend to tell our followers how long these WDC DAG members have sat on this council DAG.

As CEO of the online Disability Advisory Group I want to know how long these DAG committee members have been sitting on this very important committee.

AS CEO of DAG NZ I believe communication between councils and the community needs to be respected, it is very important that the disabled communities are fairly represented.

I have great respect for sitting members but I question councils adherence to acting in good faith, in a democracy people are voted in and out, because new ideas and new people move communities forward.

My opinion is that my local council is not acting in good faith, we as a community around the whole of New Zealand need to question councils about how their dags operate.

Disability Advisory Group (DAG) WDC

This page contains information about the Disability Advisory Group, which is a forum for council to communication with the disability sector.
Updated: 10/05/2018 9:18 a.m.
The Disability Advisory Group is a valuable forum for council to communicate with the disability sector.

The group is made up of members who have lived experience of disability.

Main roles

The main roles of the Disability Advisory Group is to:

  • identify the issues that are important to people with disabilities
  • provide advice on our regional strategies, policies and plans
  • help us effectively engage with people with disabilities.

The goal is to ensure an accessible community that supports the needs of everyone.

Disability Advisory Group - Terms of Reference [193kb]


Members of this group have a broad knowledge of accessibility and can advise of the needs of people with impairments. Issues that arise from the meetings are reported back to the wider disability community by group members.

Disability Advisory Group members

  • Elinor Niha - Chair
  • Jonny Wilkinson - Deputy Chair
  • Sue Baker
  • Vicki Carter
  • Alex Dickson
  • Brent Copeman
  • Jacqui Gardner
  • Wally Noble
  • Gwenda Reid
  • Kim Silvey
  • Dianne Sullivan
  • Brad Williams
  • Councillor Cherry Hermon (liaison councillor)
  • Councillor Sue Glen (liaison councillor).

The Disability Advisory Group is aware that some people may wish to join the group. When vacancies arise, the positions will be advertised and applications welcomed.

Feedback and suggestions

The Disability Advisory Group acknowledge and understand the frustrations and barriers that disabled people face.

We welcome constructive feedback and suggestions to help make Whangarei a better place for everyone. You can do this by contacting the Community Development Advisor on phone +64 9 430 4200 or emailing mailroom@wdc.govt.nz.

If you would like to provide feedback or report a problem that needs fixing, such as uneven or cracked footpaths, you can contact us by email or phone, or fill in the appropriate form:

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