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Workbridge New Zealand

I am a disabled person and former client of Workbridge New Zealand I feel I have been made a victim of Workbridge staff incompetence and inappropriate behavior. to think that as a government funded agency, to stop me speaking up they handed me a lifetime ban, I want it overturned. The then head of the workbridge appeal board was the biggest and most powerful offender, I think there should be a government inquiry into Workbridge New Zealand

My experience with Workbridge NZ in one word nasty

I feel 5 different Workbridge staff acted incompetently, 4 of them also acted inappropriately and one Workbridge contractor wrote a fraudulent invoice which Workbridge paid, this happened in the late 1980s, my complaints resulted in a lifetime ban being imposed on me.

So 6 people working for workbridge made mistakes and acted incompetently 4 of them also acted inappropriately, so punishment needed to be dealt out, in this case to the completely innocence and frustrated client of Workbridge and the author of this whole website.

What better way to silence somebody who is speaking up for themselves, easy write them a letter banning them. Workbridge acted with total impunity. Below is a little bit about the buildup and then the story of total incompetently and inappropriate behavior of Workbridge staff.

Workbridge behaving inappropritely
Workbridge behaving inappropritely

I am a disabled person I had a push bike accident when I was ten years old, this left me disabled, age increases that disability, because I am a go forward person I approached Workbridge in Royal oak Auckland first. I was told my disability was not bad enough, but if I listed as maori they would still be able to help me. it was about 1985. I left that office and never returned.

I then approached Workbridge Henderson, who also said my disability did not meet their requirements, but my friend who had accompanied me, they could help him because he was in a wheelchair.

It would be two years later I again approached Workbridge Henderson, again my disability did not meet their requirements, now W & I where also on my case, I was instructed to attend one of the W & I doctors to determine my disability percentage as W & I rules had changed they wanted to move me to an unemployment benefit and I had to get a job.

I went to see the W & I doctor in Rosebank Road Avondale my wheelchair bound friend went with me, the doctors was not wheelchair accessible Wayne had to wait outside in his wheelchair. I went and saw the doctor as instructed by W & I.

I was questioned but very little examination, shortly after W & I had the result I was 35% disabled and required to move to unemployment and get a job my disability allowance would also be removed. The W & I doctor was so very wrong, the word incompetent pops up again, it would soon be proved I was 85% disabled.

Workbridge not paying attention otherwise distracted
Workbridge not paying attention otherwise distracted

This also meant Workbridge in their eyes had accessed me correctly seems I just was not disabled enough.

Immediately I made an appeal to the medical appeals authority, when I arrived I was meet by three surgeons who made up the board, the three surgeons examined me extensively and made a legally binding ruling.

It was 1987 I was 85% disabled and no longer required to move to unemployment and was indeed entitled to Workbridge assistance.

What followed between myself and workbridge was in my view disgusting, to cover up the goings on at Workbridge they banned me from contact. This is my story. Below

Incompetent Workbridge employees
Incompetent Workbridge employees

The year late 1980s the players Workbridge Henderson, Auckland branch.

Topic Support funds, other players include the Workbridge business consultant charged with accessing Workbridge client's business plans. And importantly the Workbridge Appeal Board, and the then chairlady or head of the Workbridge Appeals Board based in Wellington.

So the Workbridge team number 5 plus one consultant, On my side there is only one of me, Workbridge Henderson has previously refused to assit me because my disability did not meet their criteria.

Now the medical appeals board has made a ruling that I was 85% disabled, so suddenly I do fit the criteria, so I rang Workbridge Henderson and told them I was writing a business plan to apply for funds, thats fine please contact them when it is ready was what I was told. I went to work preparing what I considered to be a good business plan.

Workbridge failures

Workbridge has informed me that if I prepared a business plan and give it to them, they would have it accessed and let me know if I was entitled to assistance. I really wanted more guidance as to what they required in the business plan, an appointment was arranged, but it would be at the W & I offices in Avondale. I arrived at the first meeting with Workbridge, the W & I office is large I waited at reception and was pointed in the direction of a man in a suit sitting at the desk nearest to the reception counter I approached the table holding my uncompleted business plan in a cardboard folder, the man in the suit looked up and introduced himself, I introduced myself to him and sat at the table, It took me a minute to open the folder to get my business plan out, meantime the man was looking elsewhere.

What do I expect from this meeting, this is the starting point I simply want guidance, correct me if I am wrong I assumed Workbridge staff being employed by the provider would listen to what I had to say and give me some advice, unfortunately that did not occur. the man was not looking at me, my voice is not loud I need him to listen and look at me when I am speaking to him, over the next five minutes I tried to talk with this man, but he just would not look at me for more than a few seconds, he was acting completely inappropriately looking around the W & I office at women most half his age, I am a business person not an idiot, after five minutes, I had had enough.

This is the first Workbridge employee to act with incompetence and inappropriate behavior.

The information I had received from this man amounted to a few oh yea and a couple of grunts. I asked him if he knew what I was talking about, he looked at me with a blank face and said nothing. Why because he was not listening to a word I said.

I got up and left went back to my office and wrote a letter of complaint to this mans manager, I also spoke on the phone to the manager and explained that this man's conduct was below par. A second interview was arranged same location different man.

Unbelievable this man was far worse than the first man, the man was not looking at me, he was acting completely inappropriately looking around the W & I office at women most half his age, the desk was near the reception counter, we were barely two minutes into the meeting, in walked a young lady wearing a singlet.

That was it the workbridge man was totally distracted even waving my hand in front of his face got no reaction. after only three minutes, I looked around the office, other W & I staff working there seemed to have noticed this man's behavior nobody was saying anything, which leads me to believe the behavior was ingrained into at least that office of workbridge, the young lady was still waiting at the counter the workbridge man was fixated on her, four minutes into this meeting I stood up and left without speaking, I stopped at the exit and looked back towards the workbridge man, he was still staring at the young women he was not acknowledging me, I don't even think he has noticed I have left.

This is the second Workbridge employee to act with incompetence and inappropriate behavior.

I got up and left went back to my office and wrote a letter of complaint to this second mans manager, I also spoke on the phone to the manager and explained that this man's conduct was below par. A third interview was arranged this time at the workbridge Henderson office, and with a women.

OK let's hope for third time lucky, I was getting no answers from Workbridge so I had almost completed my business plan, but I still wanted some guidance it would not be finished until I confirmed certain details as to what workbridge required.

I arrived at the Workbridge Henderson office, I had spoken with the manager several times now, but had never meet him. So I arrived at the office a young lady came out to see me and took me into a small interview room I had my plan in the same cardboard folder, the layout of the office means there are windows between the interview room and the main office I could see an older man walking around the office.

Anyway so I am here for my third attempt at getting some information out of workbridge henderson, I am in an interview room with lots of windows, ok the young lady tells me her name and the interview is started. Oh dear she is not listing very little eye contact she repeatedly looks towards the window at the man walking around the office, she looks up at me and asks, can I hurry up because she needs to go home. third attempt and no more success, this young lady just wants to go home. I knew I was going to get nowhere, the man in the office was now sitting at his desk on the other side of the window. the young lady was looking at her watch telling me to hurry up.

I said to the young lady, I want to talk to your manager, she replied no he's not here, I was to find out later he was the man sitting on the other side of the window, so why is the young workbridge employee lying to me.

I left my business plan with this young lady, but things were not right I felt uneasy, what was going to happen next

This is the third Workbridge employee to act with incompetence and inappropriate behavior.


Ok we have established so far that four workbridge employees just can not get anything right, but at least now they had my business plan, I had had no answers from workbridge I requested that the business accessor contact me, no problem that is part of his job, weeks passed I started to ring workbridge to ask when the business accessor would contact me, dont worry he is still looking at it is what I was told, I asked for his contact number or email, no sorry we can not tell you that was the answer I received.

I am not absolutely sure of the timeline here, I have requested under the official information act for a copy of all information Workbridge holds on me including all correspondence, but weeks turned into months, still no contact from the business accessor Workbridge staff were just fobbing me off by now

I returned to my office once again I wrote to the Workbridge Henderson Auckland manager, as a client the service so far has been pretty hopeless,

But wait, there's more, so now I have written three times to the manager to report incompetence and inappropriate behavior. This time I received a written letter in the post from the Workbridge Henderson manager, the letter is clearly addressed to
Glen McMillan with the correct address, excellent I opened the envelope, I was not at all surprised at the contents.

It started Dear Michelle I am sorry to hear you feel workbridge staff have acted with inappropriate behavior.

So the manager has put the wrong letter in the wrong envelope, it would appear I was not the only person complaining about incompetence and inappropriate behavior.

So now the manager has to join the list of the incompetence and inappropriate behavior club which is growing bigger by the day, the manager had not only confirmed that others were complaining about incompetence and inappropriate behavior from Workbridge Henderson he had now also breached this woman's privacy, I need to suspect that the letter he wrote to me was sent to Michelle, so it is also very likely he also breached my privacy.

This is the fourth Workbridge employee to act with incompetence and inappropriate behavior.

OK finally seems like months later I have received a letter from workbridge my business plan has been declined I will not be receiving assistance, the business accessor, the very business accessor I have never meet or heard from had been paid $567.00 to access my plan and interview me, his assessment was about 3 pages long, he was obvious that he had no understanding of things Google and internet, he never spoke to me there was no interview. maybe he did not consider it worth contacting me.

I need to question was this just another sample of incompetence or was it fraud, there was no interview clearly it is fraud and incompetence.

This is the first Workbridge contractor to act with incompetence and dishonest behavior.

Workbridge business accessor

The Workbridge contracted business accessor pictured here has no face but writes a really good invoice, I say this because I never meet the man I also never spoke to the man or every received contact of any kind from the man, apparently he accessed my business plan including a 30 minute interview with me, he then wrote an invoice for $567.00 which workbridge paid out of funds that had been allocated to my name.

As above there was no interview no contact whatsoever I kept ringing workbridge for updates, they are still looking at it I would be told, this went on for months, finally a letter arrived, I opened the letter first thing I noticed was declined, second thing I noticed was the business accessors invoice which included an amount for the interview, which had never happened.

To be continued

Next step I contracted Workbridge and explained that the business assessor had never contact me, If I wanted to appeal I would need to take that to the Workbridge Appeals Board, Workbridge Henderson would have no further dealing with me according to them.

I wrote to the  Workbridge Appeals Board, after a long wait I received a reply "appeal rejected". Next I wrote to MSD who funds Workbridge I advised MSD that I was submitting a claim under the consumer guarantees act, because the service received was not of acceptable quality.

I pointed to the fraud committed by the Workbridge contracted business accessor and the fact that he had been paid $567.00 out of my lifetime funds for an interview that never happened.

I wanted that money refunded and under the consumer guarantees act, I wanted my business plan reassessed. MSD sided with me and wrote to workbridge requiring the amount of $567.00 to be returned to my funding account. and requested that my business plan be reassessed.

Just a quick recap the business accessor was paid for a job he never did, my business plan was rejected and declined, the assessment was about 3 pages of A4 paper in an envelope, cost $567.00 - Workbridge appeal board has rejected my appeal.

But now MSD has ordered the job be done again, this time because the Workbridge Appeals Board is based in wellington my business plan was to be accessed at Chamber of commerce Wellington.

I received a phone call from a lady accessing my business plan in Wellington, we spoke for 1 hour, she wanted me to clarify things, she email me some questions which I answered, a second call was arranged, again the business accessor from Wellington rang me, again we spend an hour on the phone. She was really impressed and thought I was very into it, she intended to recommend Workbridge assit me.

It has now been possability over one year since the application was made to workbridge. The chamber of commerce business accessor told me she would forward my plan to the Workbridge Appeals Board

Over the last year of dealing with incompetence at last somebody intelligent was on my side.

Disability advisory group New Zealand owner

I waited a few days before contacting the office of the workbridge appeal board, I asked do they have my business plan assessment, no was the answer, that's strange I had the number for the Wellington business accessor so I rang her, she assured me workbridge appeal board does have the assessment and was puzzlied that I had not received a copy.

I waited two more days and again contacted the workbridge appeal board, again I was told that they did not have it, this time I asked to speak with a manager, a lady picked up the phone and identified herself as the head of the workbridge appeal board, I pointed out that the Wellington business accessor has assured me she had forwarded the assessment to Workbridge, I told this to the manager.

Her voice changed to a telling off voice, she now admits that the appeal board does in fact have my business plan reassessment as ordered by MSD, she then told me they would not be sending the assessment to me because I was not entitled to view the results. she was condescending and seems to be telling me off. Sorry but that is a bad move I do not take kindly to being told off.

Here I am talking to the head of the workbridge appeal board, firstly the office staff have lied by saying they had not received the assessment, now the top lady is telling me they do have the assessment but I am not entitled to see the assessment, this was getting really silly now.

I asked why I was not entitled to see the assessment, the reply was we do not need to show you and requested that I stop contacting Workbridge.

I wrote to MSD again, MSD instructed Workbridge to release the results to me. I received these in the mail about 15 pages in a bound copy, the recommendation was that workbridge assit me. I would never have known this if I allowed them Workbridge appeal board to withhold the results.

This is the fifth Workbridge employee to act with incompetence and the first to be absolutely dishonest.

To be continued